Spanish With Paul

Hello, my name is Paul and I live on the beach in the south of Mexico in an area called the "Riviera Maya". It's got great weather, ice cold beers and beautiful Caribbean beaches. I moved to Mexico 11 years ago and love it here...

My Lessons On YouTube

Most of you know me from my free lessons on YouTube so you're already familiar with my teaching and the great results it can give you!

But The Truth Is...

What I upload to YouTube are just random samples of my teaching style. You'll NEVER get fluent from them alone. I don't go into enough detail and there's no structured learning plan to follow.

If you really want to skyrocket your rate of improvement in Spanish...

My Full Course Will Give
You 10 Times BETTER Results!

Here's Why...

Premium Content

I DO NOT upload my best lessons for free to YouTube! All my premium content is only found inside the members area!

Structured Learning

All the lessons out in the exact order you should watch them in, giving you amazing results, fast.

Direct Access To Paul

Premium Members get 1-1 access to me. Watch the videos then ask me questions right inside the members area!

Much More Detail

My lessons on YouTube only scratch the surface... in my full course I go into much more detail and reveal all my secrets.

Native Speakers

It's not just me! I have a team of native Spanish speakers that are available to answer your questions and assist you. 

Course Updates

On top of the course you'll also receive updates from me with fresh new content and improvements!

No Grammar

This course is presented in layman's terms and avoids the use of intimidating grammatical terminology.

No Writing Down

Speaking a language is a verbal & mental task so we never take notes or write anything down in the course.

No Confusion

For each problem I give you the easiest solution, the simplest way of looking at it so there's never any confusion.

True, Passive Learning

"Simply listen to the lessons in the exact order I've laid them out in, answering any questions I ask you along the way. That's it! The course will take care of the rest for you."


100's Of 5 Star Reviews On FaceBook

Here's What you Get...

Spanish With Paul

Three years in the making, this is my complete course where I take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to transform your Spanish and achieve true conversational fluency. Amazing Results.

1 Years Worth Of Course Updates

On top of the full course I'll also give you a years worth of updates. These will be videos that support or improve the main course and reflect my latest tips & tricks for many concepts in Spanish. We're constantly improving!

Direct Help From Paul

When you invest in premium version of  "Spanish With Paul" you don't just get the course but YOU ALSO GET ME. You can watch the videos then ask me questions directly inside the members area. I'm in there every day to help you.

Native Spanish Speakers

A team of 4 native Spanish speakers help to run Spanish With Paul. As a member, you'll also have email access to them. They're on call to help you and will answer your questions directly with expert advice.

Lesson Vault

These are personal videos that just didn't quite make the cut but some members just love them anyway. For the first time I'll open up Pandora's box and give you access to this unreleased content.

One Simple, Direct Line To Fluency

In this course I lay out one very simple, direct line for you to follow to fluent Spanish. I show you the easiest way to navigate around every problem Spanish throws at you.

You see, nothing slows your Spanish down more than "thinking". The more ways I find to simplify Spanish for you, the less "thinking" you'll have to do, the less "choices" you'll have to make and the more fluent you'll become!

Throughout every step of the journey I always give you "the easiest way" to do things and a very gentle learning curve so that level 10 really doesn't feel that much harder than level 1!

Speak Spanish In Paragraphs

This course is designed to get you speaking Spanish confidently in full paragraphs and telling stories around a dinner table. You'll easily be able to flick between the past, present and future tenses along with having a high frequency vocabulary perfect for conversation.

That awful feeling of doubt & uncertainty you're currently experiencing will soon disappear as you come to trust and depend upon the rock solid structure this course will give to you in Spanish.

Every Problem Solved

Por vs. Para

This module gives you the simplest way to choose between por and para so it'll never confuse you ever again.

Ser vs. Estar

Mess this up and you'll never be fluent in Spanish. If other courses have damaged you on this I'll fix it and fast!

Preterit vs. Imperfect

The past in Spanish is a vast topic but don't worry... I break it down like no one else for crystal clear clarity.

Reflexive Verbs

Spanish loves reflexive verbs and you will too! It's just a matter of combining verbs with what I call "pronoun power".

The Subjunctive

Most courses make a complete mess of teaching the subjunctive. If you've been damaged by other courses, I'll fix it!

The Personal A

This concept is alien to us in English but completely normal in Spanish. I break down each concept so you really get it.

Pronoun Power

These are the  most powerful "little words" in Spanish and you'll master them 100% organically, no grammar!

Modal Verbs

Modal verbs allow you to speed up your Spanish even though you're still a beginner. I love them and so will you!

Cognates & Vocabulary

In just 3 hours of learning time I'll add +/- 2000 words to your Spanish vocabulary using the magic of cognates.

Nothing Beats "Simple"

Unlike other courses that give you every which way possible, I simply give you the "easiest way" to do things.

For example... the easiest way to express the future tense? The easiest way to choose between por or para? The easiest way to talk about the past? Or what's one simple rule for when to use the subjunctive?

I know that the more I simplify Spanish for you... the faster your Spanish will become.

The secret is that I give you less to think about. I give you less choices to choose between... which instantly makes your Spanish faster and your sentences longer!

Keeping it simple is the secret to fluency in Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just learn all this stuff for free on YouTube?

But isn't it best to learn from a native speaker?

O.K but what about pronunciation?

I only have a limited time to learn

I've tried and failed before

Will this work on my phone or iPad?

Is this Spanish from Spain or Latin America?

Will I have access to you in the members area?

I have questions, can I email you first?

So What Will It Be?

If you've been struggling with Spanish for a while, this is your chance to actually do something about it.

You can stop the frustration and instead make a dream come true, impressing everyone around you in the process!

The difference in your Spanish one year from now will be huge, I already know that, but it all depends on what you decide to do right now.

The "future you" will thank you for it!


Yes Paul, I'm in! I'm ready to finally make some REAL PROGRESS with my Spanish this year!


The full course 


99.95 USD

  • The Full Course
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    No Writing Down Or Memorizing
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The full course PLUS direct access to Paul inside the members area.


199.95 USD

  • The Full Course
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    Course Updates & Improvements
  • Direct Access To Paul
  • Native Spanish Speaker Support
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    Works On All Devices
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    No Writing Down Or Memorizing
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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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    1 Year Unlimited Access

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Will This Course Work For You?

The only way to know for sure is to try it. What I can tell you is the money back guarantee is 100% genuine!

Grab this special offer today and take a full 30 days to watch the lessons and go through all the material. If your Spanish doesn't leap light years ahead of where it is now within that time simply email me here for a full &  unconditional "no questions asked" refund. No delay, no B.S, no hassles. I only want you to keep this course if you're 100% happy and delighted with the results you get from using it.